Irvington Gas Company, Inc. Explanation of Credit Terms and Policies

  1. All charges are due and payable by the tenth of the month of purchase. Accounts not paid by the tenth are considered past due and a service charge of 2% is added to the past due balance on the 25th of the month.
  2. Your delivery or sales ticket is your INVOICE. A monthly statement of account balance becomes subject to a monthly service charge.
  3. Past due balances must be paid prior to any additional deliveries or purchases. Repeated or continued past due balances can require that an account be placed on a Collect on Delivery Basis.
  4. Our normal minimum delivery policy is 200 gallons. A delivery of 100 gallons can be made if we are in the immediate area and the price per gallon is higher. Specials trips are not made for less than 200 gallons. Our normal delivery on 120-gallon tanks is fill only.
  5. Leased tanks have an annual minimum purchase requirement. If a customer is a low volume user and does not meet the requirement, he is given the option of paying rent each year that the requirement is not met. If the rent option is not desired, the lease is considered void and the equipment will be picked up.
  6. It is requested that you reorder gas when the gauge on the tank reads approximately 20%. Your supply is not dangerously low and it helps when the weather is bad. We have programs available to customers who would like to be on an automatic delivery system, pre-book gas or budget payment program. CALL FOR DETAILS
  7. A service charge is made on all after hour delivers.
  8. We are closed all day on Saturday starting in May and continuing through September each year. We are open until noon on Saturdays during the winter months.
  9. If our equipment installed at your home or place of business needs to be painted, it is requested that you call our office and report the condition so we can place it on our repair list. (270) 547-2455 or (270) 877-2661.
  10. It is our desire that your gas equipment give you the best in service. If a problem arises, please let us know.
  11. Budget Billing, Pre Book Gas & Automatic fill programs are available. Call for Details.
  12. We welcome your friendship and patronage.