Pre-Purchase Planning

It is agreed that bulk gas delivery will be made according to Irvington Gas Company, Inc.’s normal automatic delivery schedule in accordance with its current business policies including minimum deliveries, credit terms and your current lease agreement provisions.  Special delivery requests will involve additional delivery charges.  Irvington Gas Company, Inc. agrees to deliver the gallons purchased under this agreement at $2.599 cents per gallon to your Irvington Gas Company tank.

Unless marked otherwise, all deliveries after September 30, 2008 will be charged to your pre-purchase propane.  **400 gallon minimum purchase**

All gallons not delivered to your bulk tank prior to September 30, 2008, will be multiplied by $2.599 cents and the total dollar amount will be credited to your account.  If more gallons are delivered to you than you prepaid, you will be charged at our then current gross rate for your usage category.

Maximum propane purchases shall be limited to your last year’s propane usage with Irvington Gas Company, Inc.  If you are a new customer, give us a call to determine your maximum propane purchase.  This offer does not apply to cylinders or tanks of less than 320-gallon capacity.  Yes, I would like to take advantage of this offer and pay only $2.599 cents per gallon.  I will enclose a check or money order and return this form prior to September 30, 2008.

Delivery Address

Account Number
First Name
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Street Address
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I used Gallons last year.
I would like to purchase Gallons @ $2.599 = $

I understand that by submitting this form, I am applying for New Residential Service. I also understand that submitting this application is as legally binding as signing and submitting a normal paper application with my signature.

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