Lease Application

This agreement, made this between Irvington Gas Company, Inc., Irvington, Kentucky, hereinafter called the "Company" and whose post office address is , Kentucky and who lives in County, Kentucky, Witnesseth: In consideration of the payment to the Company of the sum of $ by the Consumer, for the lease and installation of one gallon propane storage tank, Serial No. at the above installation address, the Company agrees:

  1. To install above mentioned tank with the necessary regulating equipment and to maintain said tank and equipment in good working order.  All gas lines not part of the tank and regulating equipment belongs to the consumer who must maintain said gas lines in proper working order to provide the best in safety and performance.
  2. To furnish propane gas to said system at the Company's established scheduled price then in effect.
  3. To serve in every way the best interests of the Consumers to the end that the greatest possible satisfaction may result from the use of this system
The Consumer Agrees:
  1. To purchase from the Company his entire requirements of liquefied petroleum gases.
  2. To pay for such fuel according to terms established by the Company and at the then current Company price schedule.
  3. To purchase and receive delivery of a minimum of gallons of liquefied gas during each calendar year. For small volume users who do not meet this requirement, the Company may offer a rental program for the equipment supplied where an annual rental fee will be charged.
  4. To exercise due care in the protection and preservation of said system while in his use and further agrees to permit no adjustments, connections, or disconnections of any kind, except by authorized representatives of the Company.
  5. That title to bulk-tank and installation shall remain in Company and to grant the Company the free right of ingress and egress to the premises for all purposes reasonable necessary in the rendering of propane gas service and grants to the Company the free right to store propane equipment and piping on these premises.
  6. That the Company's ability to perform hereunder is subject to strikes, floods, fires, accidents, delays, embargoes, contingencies of transportation or other causes beyond the Company's control.
  7. To save Company harmless from all loss, damage or injury to persons or property arising by reason of the use of the gas or failure or interruption of service.
  8. Company shall have the right at any time to terminate this agreement for breach of any of its terms or conditions. Subscriber may terminate at any time by giving thirty (30) days written notice.
  9. This agreement when accepted supersedes and cancels all prior agreements for propane gas service relative to this equipment.   In the event this Lease Agreement is referred to an attorney for collection or violation of any provision herein, the customer shall pay for any court cost and reasonable attorney fees incurred by the Company.  This Lease Agreement shall be governed by the Laws of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.
  10. That this agreement cannot be assigned by the Consumer without the written consent of the Company. Both parties agree that Company may assign this agreement to anyone without notice to, or consent of, Consumer.
  11. Any legal fees incurred for collecting unpaid balances will be charge to your account.

In testimony whereof, witness the signature of the parties hereto this .

I understand that by submitting this form, I am requesting a lease a propane storage tank. I also understand that submitting this application is as legally binding as signing and submitting a normal paper application with my signature.

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